Chromavit Related Questions

Q. Why are vitamins and minerals are important?

Ans. Vitamins and minerals are organic compounds in food that are needed to support growth and health. With a regular supply of vitamins, we can support good health and normal growth. Since the body does not store all essential vitamins for long periods of time, some should be consumed regularly in the diet. Chromavit Softgel capsules can be taken to help provide nutritional support.

Q. What is Chromavit Softgel Capsule?

Ans. Chromavit, softgel Capsuleis a complete nutraceutical for daily health, is a combination of Vitamins Minerals, Ginseng, Green tea Extract, Ginkgo biloba, Lycopene, L-lysine in appropriate concentrations. Chromavit Softgel Capsule contains vitamins, minerals & ginseng, Green tea Extract, Ginkgo biloba, Lycopene, L-lysine which help in helps improve physical and mental performance prevents stress & fatigue and helps in improving overall health and vitality.

Q. I am healthy and eat good food. Why should I take Chromavit Softgel Capsule?

Ans. Even if you are healthy, you can take Chromavit Softgel Capsules as it gives all the vitamins and minerals your body needs on a daily basis. These days we do not eat the right quantity & quality of food that is required to fulfill all the daily requirements of vitamins & minerals, so we all need ChromavitSoftgel Capsules to stay physically fit and mentally active.

Q. Does Chromavit Softgel Capsules have any side effects?

Ans. No, ChromavitSoftgel Capsules is safe when consumed as directed.

Q. Should I check with my doctor before I use this product?

Ans. You may take Chromavit Softgel Capsules your own but if you feel you may ask the doctor.

Q. Who should not take ChromavitSoftgel Capsules?

Ans. Pregnant or lactating women should not take ChromavitSoftgel Capsules. If you feel you are taking medication for any major illness please do consult your doctor. However, it is safe in people with common illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure (stabilized by medication).

Q. Can diabetics take Chromavit Softgel Capsules?

Ans. Yes, diabetics can take Chromavit Softgel Capsules. it is sugar free. So, it is safe for diabetics.

Q. I am suffering from tiredness. Would this product be suitable for me?

Ans. Yes, this product with its ingredients help fight tiredness.

Q. I am fat. Would Chromavit Softgel Capsules help me burn calories / lose weight?

Ans. Chromavit Softgel Capsules does not make one fat. Also, it does not make you lose weight, as that would happen only if you burn more calories than you consume.

Q. Will I get this product readily from market?

Ans. Chromavit Softgel Capsules is 7 years old health supplement and your order can dispatch easily anywhere in India at your doorstep.

Q. Is it harmful to take outdated/expired Chromavit Softgel Capcules?

Ans. ChromavitSoftgel Capsule are assigned an expiration date, which is based upon extensive stability studies. We guarantee the potency of the product until the last day of the month noted on the package. There is no evidence to indicate that the ingredients in the product would be harmful if consumed beyond the expiration date. You may not, however, be receiving the amount of each vitamin or mineral listed on the label. The potency of the ingredients slowly diminishes over an extended period of time, and the expiration date is determined by the least stable ingredient in the product. We recommend that the product not be used after the expiration date.

Q. How long can I take Chromavit Sofetgel Capsules?

Ans. Chromavit Sofetgel Capsules can be taken continuously on a daily basis. Please consult with your healthcare provider before you make any changes in your diet and exercise routine.

Q. Is Chromavit Softgel Capsule safe for men and women both?

Ans. Yes Chromavit Softgel Capsule Is safe for both men and women ,yet it advised to consult the dr in pregnancy and critical illness cases before taking Chromavitsoftgel capsules.